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Media contacts and resources – Adult and Juvenile Detention

Learn where to send media inquiries for the Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention (DAJD) and other frequently requested information.

Media contacts

Our Public Information Officers (PIOs) monitor phone messages and emails during regular business hours. Requests received on weekends or holidays will be answered when the regular work week resumes.

Friends and family members seeking information about a loved one in jail should call 206-296-1234.

Media inquiries

Media inquiries can be directed to or 206-263-8554.

Jail booking photos

Under Washington state public records laws, jail booking photos are considered a confidential record. We can only release booking photos to:

  • The person who was booked
  • An attorney representing the person in the photo
  • Law enforcement
  • The courts
  • Someone with written permission from the person in the photo


Records requests

You can request a booking photo if you have a court order signed by a judge or a written permission from the person in the booking photo. Email or call the records office:


Phone: 206-477-5130

See RCW 70.48.100 for more information about booking photos and other jail records.

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