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Regional Planning

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The Regional Planning section within the Office of Performance, Strategy and Budget (PSB) works with other county agencies to support King County communities through equitable comprehensive, countywide, and regional planning.

The team works with residents, cities, counties, and special purpose districts to develop a coordinated vision for the County’s growth consistent with the Growth Management Act.

Regional Planning is responsible for managing updates to the King County Comprehensive Plan and Countywide Planning Policies and coordinates the County's participation in regional planning bodies including the Growth Management Planning Council and Puget Sound Regional Council.

The team also provides growth forecasting and demographics services, and facilitates annexations of remaining urban unincorporated areas to cities.

Award Winning Growth Management in King County

GM_Award2-ThumbThe state Growth Management Act requires large and fast-growing counties and cities to work together to plan for population, housing, and job growth, preserve the environment, protect farm and forest land, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build community resiliency.

King County has been remarkably successful in carrying out the GMA. Since 1994, an increasing share of new growth has been focused within the designated Urban Growth Area and in designated urban centers.

There are tens of thousands of acres of agricultural land in production, much of which has been permanently preserved. Under GMA, King County is helping to create thriving communities where everyone has an opportunity to succeed.

In recognition of these achievements in planning, King County has received several awards including:

  • VISION 2040 awards from the Puget Sound Regional Council
  • Smart Communities Awards from the Washington State Governor's Office and
  • Lifetime Achievement award from Governor Jay Inslee for successful efforts in implementing the GMA (pictured)