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Domestic Violence assessments

Learn more about how Family Court Services can help you with a domestic violence assessment if court ordered.

When parenting issues are present in a domestic violence case, the Court may order an assessment by Family Court Services.

In a Domestic Violence Assessment:

  • The social worker interviews both parents to assess allegations of domestic violence, risk factors associated with domestic violence, and how those risk factors may impact the children.
  • Additional information may be gathered from other professionals who have information about the domestic violence and by reviewing materials that document concerns about violence and risk factors.
  • The findings and recommendations of the assessment are reported to parents, their attorneys, and the Court.

Domestic Violence Assessments are provided by order of the court when a parent has petitioned for a protection order or when domestic violence issues of an emergency nature are alleged in a pending family law case.

Only if your case has been ordered to Family Court Services for a Domestic Violence Assessment, you must complete the appropriate Domestic Violence Assessment Questionnaire (299KB) and send it to the address on the form or bring it with you to your scheduled Family Court Services appointment.

Learn more in the King County Domestic Violence and Child Maltreatment Coordinated Response Guideline (2.40MB)