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Dental clinics and other resources

Select a dental clinic or resource to learn about services

Columbia City Center for Health Dental Clinic

Located in the Columbia City neighborhood in South Seattle.

Downtown Public Health Center Dental Clinic

Located in Downtown Seattle's Belltown District.

Eastgate Dental Clinic

Located in Bellevue's Eastgate neighborhood.

North Seattle Dental Clinic

Located in the Lake City neighborhood in northeast Seattle.

Renton Public Health Center Dental Clinic

Located at the Renton Technical College.

Dental Resource List (PDF)

Printable list of dental clinics in King County that include Public Health dental clinics, community health dental clinics, and dental clinics connected to colleges.

Access to Baby and Child Dentistry (ABCD)

The ABCD program focuses on preventive and restorative dental care for Medicaid-eligible children from birth through age five with an emphasis on the first dental visit by age one.

King County Adult Dental Program (KCADP)

KCADP provides dental services for residents living in King County who are not eligible for Apple Health (Medicaid) due to citizenship requirements.

Information for parents and guardians about oral health care

Children's teeth are important for eating, speaking, socializing and general good health. Starting at the age of one, children should see a dentist. Here are some tips for good oral health.

Mobile Medical and Dental Care for the Homeless

The Mobile Medical program provides basic medical care, dental care, and social services to homeless individuals and families living in Seattle and south King County.

Facts and guidelines about good oral health

Oral health facts

Learn why good oral health is important, how cavities are caused, how to prevent tooth decay and more.

About fluoride and sealants

Water fluoridation is the most cost effective public health means of improving the oral health of a population. Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings that protect the pits and grooves in teeth and they are mainly used on the chewing surfaces of molars.

Oral health data

King County, Washington state and federal resources on oral health data.