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Preventing window falls

Safety tips to prevent falls from windows and keep children safe.

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Did you know...

Every year almost 5,000 children receive injuries after falling out of a window. Most falls happen in the spring and summer months, when windows are open. Most children who fall are between 2 and 5 years old.

Small steps can save a child's life

  • Supervision

    Always supervise small children

  • Window opening

    Never open windows more than 4 inches

  • Where to open

    Open windows from the top down, if possible

  • Furniture

    Move furniture away from windows

  • Safety guards

    Install window stops or releasable child-safety window guards

  • About window screens

    Never rely on window screens to prevent children from falling out a window. Screens pop out for fire safety by design —the weight of a toddler can easily push through a screen.

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