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Tobacco and vapor prevention

It is the Tobacco Prevention Program's mission to promote healthy people and healthy communities through effective cessation efforts, and preventing tobacco use, nicotine addiction and exposure to secondhand smoke.

JUUL and e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes and vapor products

Electronic smoking devices or e-cigarettes are battery operated devices used to inhale a vaporized liquid solution that frequently contain nicotine, flavorings and other chemicals. Because the liquid solution is converted into an aerosol vapor, e-cigarette use is often referred to as "vaping," rather than smoking.

Quit smoking today

Beating nicotine addiction and quitting smoking

Quitting smoking improves your health and reduces your risk of heart disease, cancer, lung disease, and many other smoking-related illnesses.

Cessation training and resources for health care providers

Our online training on tobacco cessation will teach health care providers on how to improve the health of your community by giving you tools and information to address tobacco use.

Learn the facts

Tobacco and vapor product data, facts and other resources

Latest trends on e-cigarette or vape pen use among youth in King County; extensive fact sheets on related topics.

Tobacco laws and resources

Tobacco laws and resources for tobacco retailers.

Selling tobacco and vapor products: Online training for retail clerks

This course focuses on educating commercial tobacco and vapor product retailers and employees about their responsibilities when selling tobacco and vapor products to the public.
➜ Training is available in the following languages: 
Responsible Retailing of Tobacco and Vapor Products: Point of Sale
Venta al por menor responsable de productos de tabaco y vapor: Punto de Venta (Spanish)
책임감 있는 일반 담배 및 전자 담배 제품 판매: 판매 시점 (Korean)

Download infographics

Download signs and infographics covering vapor and e-cigarette use and no-smoking signs in several languages.

Report violations

Report secondhand smoke exposure in apartments and condos

Use this form to report exposure to secondhand tobacco or marijuana smoke in your home. While there are no laws that currently regulate smoking inside individual homes or condos, we still might be able to help.

Report smoking law violations in public places or places of employment

Report a violation if you see someone smoking or using an electronic cigarette/vaping device in a public place or place of employment.

Report sales of tobacco or vapor products to minors

Report a violation if you witness retailers selling tobacco or vapor products to underage children.

Smoke-free environments

Smoke-free housing

Information for residents, landlords and Homeowner Associations including Frequently Asked Questions, how-to guides and free signage.