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Emergency Management

Emergency Management

King County Emergency Operations Center

The Emergency Operations Center is currently activated at Steady State.


Activation Levels

Level Definition
Steady State No anticipated incident or event. Denotes regular day-to-day KCOEM operations and monitoring by the Duty Officer.
Enhanced Incident or event is monitored by Duty Officer(s) and additional KCOEM staff as needed. 
Partial Incident or event requires staffing of the Emergency Operations Center by KCOEM staff and activation of one or several support functions, including select King County departments and partner agencies. 
Full Incident or event requires fully staffed EOC by KCOEM and activation of many of the support functions, including other King County Departments and partner agencies. 


COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)

King County is taking steps to protect the health of our community during the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) outbreak. There are also steps you can take personally to minimize your risk of disease. Stay safe by following guidance provided by Public Health - Seattle & King County

For government agencies, schools, CBOs/FBOs, and medical care providers: Do you need test kits or supplies for COVID-19? Please refer to the COVID-19 Emergency Resource Requests site.

Special information for residents and visitors to the areas affected by the Bolt Creek Fire (Baring, Grotto and Skykomish, along US 2). 

Disaster Zone - a changing climate and summer hazards. from King County TV on Vimeo.

King County, as well of most of Western Washington, has been experiencing an increase in extreme heat. This, along with wildfires and wildfire smoke, are several of our summer time hazards we all need to understand and prepare for.



Toll Free 1-800-523-5044


TTY Relay 711