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Delivering documents - Superior Court

How to file a new case, add documents to an existing case or deliver working copies to the Court.

File a new case or add to an existing case

You must either file online, mail your documents (plus filing fee) or go in-person to the Superior Court Clerk's Office to file a new case or add additional documents to an ongoing case.

Deliver working copies to the Court

Working copies are not the official copies of your court documents. File those first in the Superior Court Clerk's Office. Working copies are the documents judges and commissioners use to familiarize themselves with your case.

Do not deliver documents to the courtroom. You may either submit working copies electronically through the Clerk's Office e-filing application.

For longer documents

If your document is 500 pages or more long, you must deliver printed copies in-person.

For judges assigned to the King County Courthouse (Seattle) and the Youth Services Center / Juvenile Court (Seattle) the mail room is

King County Courthouse
516 3rd Avenue, Room C-203
Seattle, WA 98104

For judges assigned to the Maleng Regional Justice Center (Kent), the mail room is

Maleng Regional Justice Center 401
4th Avenue North, Room 2D
Kent, WA 98032

Check with the Court before faxing or emailing documents or pleadings. Follow the local court rules for pagination of documents.

Copies of orders will not be mailed unless pre-addressed stamped envelopes are provided. If no envelopes were provided, copies of orders may be obtained from the Clerk's Office approximately 5 days after a ruling has been issued.