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Judge Wyman Yip

How to contact a King County Superior Court judge and get ready for your trial or motion.

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Court in recess

Judge Yip's Court will be in recess April 29-May 1; July 1-July 5; Aug 26-Sept. 2 and Sept. 26-Oct. 4. Please do not note motions for these dates. Decisions for motions noted during this time will be completed the following week.
  • Courtroom Number: W-965
  • Bailiff: Sam Luikens
  • Department: 35
  • Assignment: Civil

 Ex Parte Communication Prohibited

The prohibitions regarding ex parte contact with the court are fully applicable to email communication. All emails communicating substantive information to the court must clearly include opposing party/counsel. Substantive information includes information regarding the likelihood of settlement, the timing of witnesses, anticipated problems with scheduling, concerns regarding security and other case-specific issues.
All emails to the court are to be sent to the courtroom e-mail address above. Absent express invitation by the judge, the judge’s individual e-mail address is not to be used.

Hearing Requests

Per KCLCR 7, most civil motions are handled without oral argument. Motions requiring oral argument are typically heard on Fridays. To set a hearing for oral argument, you must email the Court to schedule a time on the Court’s calendar. Your email must include:

  • Case name and cause number in the subject line
  • Names, phone numbers, and email addresses of all counsel/parties
  • Nature of hearing

If you do not have access to email, please call the above number.

Please notify the Court immediately if your case settles or you need to strike a motion.

The Court typically allots 1 hour for these hearings. Additional time may be provided on hearings involving multiple parties or complex motions; however, this request must be communicated at the time of scheduling the hearing.

Per KCLCR 7(b)(4)(C), if a party would like to request oral argument for a matter typically handled without oral argument, the motion should be noted pursuant to the applicable court rules and paperwork should include in the upper right-hand corner "Oral Argument Requested." If, after reviewing all briefing, the Court determines oral argument is appropriate, the Bailiff will contact the parties and set a mutually acceptable time for oral argument.

Proposed Orders and Working Copies

Judge Yip’s court prefers operating as paperless as possible, including the use of the Clerk’s Office e-working copies service. If a party elects not to use e-working copies, it must submit hardcopies in person or via US mail.  Barring an exceptional circumstance, the Court does not accept working copies via email. 

Stipulated and agreed motions should be served, filed, and noted for consideration two judicial days after filing in accordance with LCR 7(b)(4)(H) with a working copy of the order (in Microsoft Word format) submitted through e-working copies.

Digitally Recorded Courtroom

The court proceedings in Department 35 are recorded by FTR Gold equipment which digitally records all proceedings. If you are requesting a copy of a recording, you will need to submit an audio request through the King County Script Portal or complete and submit a physical CD Request Form to the Clerk’s Office. If the parties are requesting a court reporter for a hearing/trial, please notify the bailiff as soon as possible.


Available by appointment. Please contact his bailiff, Sam Luikens, at for additional details. Judge Yip speaks conversational Cantonese.