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Transportation, Economy, and Environment Committee

Learn more about the Transportation, Economy, and Environment Committee. Find out how to attend meetings and submit public comments. Also, see meeting agendas and other materials.

About the committee

The committee considers and makes recommendations on transportation, including passenger ferries, regional trails and public transportation including spending plans for new revenue, if any, and fares and fare equity policies; the environment, including: salmon recovery and barriers to recovery such as culverts; energy; water quality, including wastewater; regional parks and open space, including conservations futures tax; climate, including levy proposals or bond proposals to finance projects or programs to address, mitigate or respond to climate change and its impacts, and the King County Strategic Climate Action Plan; solid waste; and surface water management; and economic development, including equity and pay disparity.

In the areas within the committee's purview, the committee shall track state and federal legislative action and develop recommendations on policy direction for the county budget.

Attend committee meetings

The Transportation, Economy, and Environment Committee holds regular meetings on the third Tuesday of each month at 9:30 a.m. See the meeting calendar.

To help us manage the meeting, if you do not wish to be called upon for public comment, please use the Livestream or King County TV options listed below to watch or listen to the meeting if possible.


  • Use Webinar ID: 892 6924 2617
  • By computer, using the Zoom application at and the webinar ID above.
  • Via phone by calling 1-253-215-8782 and using the webinar ID above.



Public comment

Public comment should be on current agenda items only. If you would like to comment on an item not on the current agenda, you may email your Councilmember


Send to by 8 a.m. on the meeting day. Include the topic and related committee in the subject line. Comments will be forwarded to committee members and appropriate staff. 

Language services

You have the right to submit your comments using our free language access services. Contact Tera Chea, Language Access Coordinator not less than three business days prior to the committee meeting.

Meeting materials

View the meeting agendas and calendar. Agendas are usually available before each committee meeting. Other materials post as they are available.