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Fees and rates

Get the latest fees and rates for landings, parking, and itinerant aircraft. Find a link to pay your fees at the online payment portal.

Landing fees

  • Non-based aircraft over 12,500 pounds: $1.50 per 1,000 pounds maximum gross landing weight (MGLW)
  • Non-revenue generating aircraft under 12,500 pounds: No fee
  • Aircraft based at the airport: No fee (unless they're revenue-generating)

Parking and tie-down rates

Parking is available by reservation only on airport-operated ramps. Call 206-296-7334 before your flight to BFI to arrange parking.

The fees listed here apply to aircraft using airport-operated ramps. Pilots pay the fees upon arrival. We add a convenience fee of 2.35% ($2 minimum) to the amount due. The card processor adds the fee. King County doesn't receive any part of it.

Aircraft parked on a fixed-base operator's (FBO) ramp are subject only to their parking charges. You pay the fees to the FBO.

Weight (pounds)
Aircraft type Hours 0-12
Next 12 hours
Daily rate
Monthly rate
0-12,500 Light GA aircraft $5 $5 $10 $110
12,501-20,000 GA aircraft $15 $6 $21 $137
12,501-20,000 Corporate aircraft $25 $10 $35 $229
80,001-275,000 Narrow-body jets $35 $14 $49 $314
275,001+ Wide-body jets $61 $25 $86 $544

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Pay your fees

Itinerant aircraft parking

  • Arrange parking with Airport Operations at 206-296-7334
  • For itinerant parking at the Museum of Flight, call 206-764-5710